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Zero-K: Matchmaker Maps Rotation

It’s time for a Matchmaker map pool rotation to introduce new maps (and give some old ones some love too).

Removed from 1v1 pool:

Shimmershore v1.0
Zed 2.3
Comet Catcher Redux v3.1

Added to 1v1 pool:

Something old: Into Battle v4
Something new: Thornford 2
Something borrowed: EvoRTS-New_Iammas-v05
Something blue: Aurelian v1.0

The same changes apply to the teams MM pool with one exception – Comet Catcher remains a MM teams map.
All of these changes are now in effect except for Into Battle, which will be added to the map pool after the next stable fixes its 1v1 startboxes.


Zero-K: Zero-K v1.6.12.0 – Archer fix and Constable buff

There is a tournament in 10 days, so it is a perfect time to fix Archer. The central issue for Archer was physics-based rather than attributes based, which makes solo testing difficult. Thankfully, PLrankrooks[vegan], NOrankKingstad, PTrankraaar, CAranknoobula, and RUrankizirayd were nice enough to test it out in multiplayer. NOrankKingstad decided that Archer should cost 180 metal to compensate for the changes.

It is also a good time to give Constable a little damage, because who are we to question the will of SErankGodde? Puppy and Moderator have also received a slight reduction in jank. In other news, the outline widget had its settings tweaked and is now enabled by default. Players already using the widget may want to revise their settings to take the changes into account.


Archer fires in pulses to remove its unintended ability to hold units in place. It is cheaper to compensate.

  • Cost 200 -> 180
  • Range 300 -> 275
  • Continuous firing replaced with 0.66s reload time.
  • DPS 104 -> 72

Limpet is apparently to be buffed until it reaches degeneracy.

  • Cost 180 -> 150
  • Speed 3.9 -> 4.1

Constable is now able to fend off two Fleas.

  • Now deals 15 real damage per shot.
  • Added tactical AI.

Puppy now aims at its target instead of simply firing forwards and putting its faith in homing alone.

Moderator no longer 1-hits itself, providing much-needed hope for the Jump vs. Jump matchup.

  • Damage 500 -> 460
  • Slow damage 1500 -> 1840 (matches Dart slow factor).
  • Health 450 -> 480


  • Improved amphibious unit selection sound.
  • Added a subtle unit outline setting and enabled outlines by default (at the insistence of Drone).
  • Widened the bounds on wave spawn interval and burrow spawn time for custom chicken games.


  • Fixed Kirdipan.
  • Fixed economy panels not showing when spectating a FFA with the spectator resource bars enabled.
  • Fixed Zenith targeting on high ground.