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Zero-K: Zero-K v1.4.9.0 to Zero-K v1.4.9.2

Starlight finally has a new model, something more fitting of the most expensive thing you can build. Starlight might see more use as Bantha has received a nerf as a result of free-for-all and endgame feedback. Smaller units have also received attention with many unit AI improvements and a fix for non-functional slow weaponry.



  • Larger Hitvolume: It is now a 60 radius cylinder instead of a 55 wide and 35 deep box. This should make it weaker to spread weapons and Ultimatium.
  • Reduced Speed 1.72 -> 1.55. This puts it between Dante and Detriment instead of approximately the same as Dante. It can still skirmish Detriment with no problem.
  • Reduced Health 36k -> 32k.


  • LargerHitvolume: radius 80 cylinder -> radius 92. It was looking a bit thin in comparison to Bantha.


  • Size 8×8 -> 10×10

Fixed slow damage.

Unit AI

  • Most precise unguided rockets and plasma cannons now have overkill prevention against structures. This is an improvement for many assaults, precise artillery, Rocko and Rogue.
  • Added overkill prevention for Placeholder. They try to avoid overlapping their shots (unless against a particularly heavy foe).
  • Mid-range units avoid explosive structures (Fusions, Pylons etc…).
  • Fixed some Scorcher dive and heatray target priority bugs.
  • Wolverines now skirmish everything.
  • Added tactical AI for Impaler, Pillager, Bantha and Grizzly
  • Anti-heavies now prioritize heavy units more strongly.
  • Reduced the target priority of unidentified radar dots.
  • Reduced the target priority of wobbling radar dots for unguided precise weapons.

Fixes and Interface

  • Added ingame ignore.
  • The camera now zooms to your startbox upon commander selection.
  • Fixed cloaked flying Blastwings.
  • Fixed Shredder wreck.

Added map boxes:

  • Harbinger
  • Sands of War
  • Added fallback boxes.

Zero-K: Big server/launcher update

Infrastructure changes include

  • you will need latest Zero-K lobby to play
  • there are no more “springies”, instead each battleroom has their capabilities
  • when hosting, you pick the game type (chickens, teams, FFA etc)
  • friend and ignore lists are stored in server (and were reset)
  • fixed lots of Zero-K lobby and springie issues

Please check !help for new commands.

You can easilly change engine, game (incl. rapid tag) etc. of your room without any “rehost”

Use !game zk:dev to host local $VERSION for debugging/developing purposes.

This change simplified code base significantly (-13 000 lines), fixed lots of bugs and makes future changes easier.

Matchmaker will also take advantage of the known game types, and corresponding matchmaker games can be optionally offered to idlers in rooms.