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Zero-K: Zero-K v1.3.1.17

Today we errode away a bit of Total Annihilation legacy with the removal of easy nano-shielding. While it was arguably ok at the small scale we are sure everyone would agree that blocking tacnukes with Zeniths was pretty stupid.

Also a remibder; the tourney is in a few days so don’t forget to Sign Up.

=== Removed Nano-shielding ===
Nanoframe hitvolumes now grow from ground level to full height during the first 40% of construction. This makes it much harder (and possibly pointless) to block small shots and fixes the Zenith nanoframe tactical missile defense.

=== Targeting ===
Vandal now has overkill prevention. There have also been some improvements in damage tracking.

Dominatrix now really likes to target things which are partially captured. Other units have a mild aversion against targeting such units.

The aimpoints (spots that are aimed at when trying to shoot at something) of commanders are slightly higher, especially for Support Comm. This is because their weapons could be much higher than their old aimpoints which would let them shoot over walls with no retalitation.

Fixed Penetrator aimpoint and hitvolume as well.

=== Fixes ===
* Attempt to fix rare music pitch bug.
* Nuclear missile launches are now always audible.
* Fixed a rare case where undead aircraft would take up repair pad spots for eternity. * Some sort of Central Build AI fix.


Zero-K: ZK 1v1 Tournament January 31st 2015

It’s time to open up this year’s supply of tournaments.

As has become customary for odd months, January will have an 1v1 tourney on its 31st day, at 09:00 UTC. The registration is open until Friday, January 30th 2015 23:59 UTC, and everyone is welcome to take part regardless of their skill.

Additionally, players can volunteer to substitute for anyone missing after the registration has been closed and before tourney itself starts. Substitutes will be used if the original signed-up players fail to arrive within 30 minutes of start without notice, in order of sign-up, based on this thread.

Tournament rules:
– Single elimination
– First map of each round is predetermined, the following maps will be selected by the loser of the previous game from the featured 1v1 map pool.
– Finals are best of 5, all other matches including the bronze match are best of 3.

The tournament bracket will be seeded randomly after registration closes. The players coming first, second and third will receive special unique collectible awards to their player profile, and receive tournament points which will at the year’s end determine the year’s altogether best tournament player.

The starting maps for each round will be announced at some later date before the tournament starts, when the number of participants will be more or less known.

You can inspect the tourney bracket at

To sign up, post this forum thread and don’t forget to show up on time. Pay attention to the timezone, and set a calendar notification that will remind you. If you are going to be late, try to warn about this in advance.


Zero-K: Zero-K v1.3.1.13

This version mainly has a weird buff for Weaver and an easier to use UI for creating turrets on spires. Hold Alt and select a build command to use it.

Weaver looked pretty shoddy compared to other constructors with its high cost for little health and utility. A factory is really hurt by a poor constructor so we thought it was about time that Weaver was bought in line with the rest. A simple but boring change would be about 150 cost and 5 Build Power. That sounded uninteresting so something else was done instead.

Nothing new has happened regarding using the engine. Adoption is currently blocked by a map rendering bug related to the much nicer looking line of sight.

=== Balance ===

Weird utility change for Weaver:
* 1200 radar range
* 120 -> 220 build range
* 750 -> 820 Health
* 295 -> 380 sight range

Added overkill prevention for Sharpshooter, Snake, Serpent and Duck missiles. Duck torpedoes are bad at hitting things and can fire right into the ground. Missiles are a bit better but Glaives can dodge them.

The LOS emit height of tall units now makes sense. Previously all units saw from the same height above the ground. This lead to annoyances such as turrets which are unable to see what they should be able to shoot at. The units are:Annihilator, Bantha, Bertha, Chainsaw, Crusader, Dante, Defender, Detriment, DDM, DRP, Enforcer, Felon, Penetrator, Placeholder, Sharpshooter, Shredder, Stinger, Sumo, Typhoon, Wind Generator, Zeus. Previously all LOS emit heights were at an equal distance from the ground.

From previous minor versions (in case you missed it):
* Firewalker Speed 1.9 -> 2.1, fixed animation and it obeys slow.
* Rocko Health 450 -> 350 to see what happens.
* Doubled Rogue turret turn rate.

=== Interface ===

Added a system for constructing a structure on a terraformed platform. Hold Alt when selecting a structure from the build menu to activate it. Place the blueprint to select the height of the terraformed rectangle. The structure will be queued after the terraform provided that the initial build location is legal.

Minor things:
* Removed “Wind Range: 0 – 2.5. Max Windmill altitude bonus is: 33%” at game start because Wind Range will always be 0 – 2.5 and nobody knows what “altitude bonus” means.
* Removed “Terraform cost multipler” at game start because it is almost always 0.
* Jump UI shows a red line when mousing over illegal jump locations.

=== Fixes ===

* Fixed overkill prevention knowing the type of an unidetified radar dot.
* Units which should not be able to be taken with /take are no longer takeable (allied AIs).
* Terraform texture is disabled cleanly for graphics cards which cannot even do the most basic operations.
* Fixed docking settings for Delux Player List.
* Fixed Weaver nanospray emit location.
* Fix to spectator mute detecting startboxes as real teams. * Improved consistence of the terraform UI (order canceling mid way through etc).


Zero-K: Zero-k v1.3.1.8 – Overpowered Missile Update

This version bring much needed intelligence in the realm of missile firing as well as some buffs to marginalized missile units. As such Hovercraft may now be OP but we will deal with that when we get there. Near term balance is secondary to non-frustrating unit behaviour.

We have had a recent breakthrough in diagnosing the performance problems with the new engine. There is already a version available and early test games are very promising. The engine devs have taken notice and it looks like a version better than 91.0 will be out quite soon.

Wolverines have a much nicer mine projectile and model. As always there are a bunch of fixes.

=== Overkill Prevention ===

Most homing missile bearing units are now more intelligent about when they fire their missiles. A pack of Scalpels is now smart enough to figure out the most prudent method of killing a lone flea. The following units have gained this skill:
Defender, Hacksaw, Chainsaw, Screamer, Crasher, Angler, Flail, Tarantula, Swift, Rapier, Trident, Puppy, Scalpel.

Puppy and Scalpel know how bad they are against fast moving units (Planes, Crane, Blastwing, Gnat and Banshee) so fire willy-nilly at them in the hope that one of them hits.

Their intelligence has some drawbacks. Units are still not able to outsmart the confusing 3D nature of shields and as such completely ignore their existence (Scalpels may end up looking stupid when up against a lone Thug). Luckily armour is taken into account. Sometimes you may want to throw away finesse and just fire all the missiles, for this purpose there is a state toggle.

Relatively low reload time units such as Vandal and Slasher were considered not worth smartifying. This could change in the future.

=== Balance ===

Reintroduced Hacksaw. Do not think of this as a buff (or nerf?), think of it as the reimplementation of an owled unit.
* Cost 400 -> 220
* Health 1500 -> 580
* Damage 1180 -> 1050
* Range 850 -> 420
* Reload Time 13 -> 15
* Time between missiles 1.4s -> 0.7s
* Shrunk model by 15%.

Angler change:
* Cost 220 -> 200
* Damage 580 -> 600
* Reload 10 -> 12
* Range 800 -> 600

Crasher buff:
* Cost 260 -> 220

Gunships now fare better against Raven and Hawk (one less shot required to kill).
* Trident Damage 190 -> 200
* Rapier Damage 190 -> 200

* Speed 1.7 -> 1.45

Scalpel crater depth reduced by 30%.

=== Visuals/UI ===

Anarchid has made Wolverine a new projectile model and mine.

The tooltip while placing structures now shows an estimated payback time from overdrive for energy structures. Mexes show how long it takes for them to pay for themselves with just their base extraction.

Sumo is able to settarget friendly units.

=== Fixes ===

* Bombers no are no longer forced to fly straight for a few seconds after takeoff. This was especially bad for Raven and it would sometimes become stuck.
* Racketeer missiles timeout faster after they miss and do not accelerate to ridiculous speeds.
* Sonar Station, Radar, Advanced Radar and Sneaky Pete lose their abilities when reclaimed.
* Initial queue is now disabled for spectators before the game starts.
* Fixed some invisible units in dev engine.
* Sumo range ring now matches its actual range.
* Krow no longer sometimes causes dust while under construction.
* Tweaked many damage values slightly to make them nice round numbers. * Terraform construction points are no longer killed by lava (or, in fact, anything).