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Zero-K: Zero-K v1.7.3.4 – Funnelweb and Fixes

Funnelweb is the focus of this release, alongside fixes for related to the engine update. The community member dyth68 has been working on a Funnelweb rework for a while and it is finally time to try it out ingame. There are also a few other miscellaneous balance changes and fixes.

The engine update from last week was fairly smooth, but did identify a few bugs. Most of these bugs were since fixed by the engine developers, so this release updates the engine version to Spring 104.0.1-1085-gfc6d80e. This update also contains potential improvements to pathfinding around structures. Comment and give feedback on the new behaviour if you notice a difference.


Reworked Funnelweb to be the ultimate battlefield constructor. It may also find a role in missile defense, as it can now block two EMP missiles.

  • Cost 4500 -> 3500
  • Speed 45 -> 54
  • Health 11K -> 6K
  • Can construct at long range with 40 buildpower.
  • Shield now has 28K maximum change, a large increase from 3.6K.
  • Shield recharges at +200/second, but not if it has taken damage in the last 10 seconds.
  • Shield is larger and does not link.
  • Removed drones.
  • Added radar.


  • Speed increased by 6.8%
  • Damage increased by 66%


  • Range 320 -> 240


  • Now shoots its land weapon in an arc, a bit like Rogue.

Changed light transportability rules.

  • Charon is now able to transport units that cost 1000 metal or less.
  • The old rule was based on mass, which made it a bit opaque.
  • The effect of the change is that Charon can now transport Jack, Minotaur, and Siren.


  • Fixed a mismatch between when it is considered submerged for targeting and for LOS.

Raven now dives mobile targets when following Area Attack commands.

Reef and Shogun have smaller footprints to make them less likely to become stuck on Tidal Generators and Urchins.

Factory and commander innate energy income is now pooled and shared between all players on the team. This will provide players who lost their commander with some base energy income to help them rebuild.


Initial unit behaviour configuration:

  • Fixed Commander retreat state.
  • Added repeat for Athena and Strider Hub.

Added Chicken Roosts and Spires to unit marker configuration.

The area command drag threshold has been increased to issuing single target commands easier. This threshold is now configurable.


  • Extended maximum chicken queen spawn time modoption from 200 minutes to 300 minutes.
  • Added a “Enable Inactivity Sharing” modoption that can be used to disable automatic unit transfer for inactive players.
  • Fixed tutorial missions.
  • Fixed a rare inconsistency with the order of matchmaker queues.


  • Fixed units occasionally failing to revert to their normal speed after being slowed. The most commonly affected unit was Crab.
  • Fixed units set to hold position with ballistic weapons failing to automatically target units that are only in range due to the elevation bonus. The most commonly affected unit was Crab.
  • Fixed an air repair pad crash.
  • Fixed a rare crash on game launch.
  • Fixed a crash on saving with AIs.
  • Fixed a failure to allocate memory caused by loading bad ambient map sounds.
  • Fixed a desync likely caused by game file caching
  • Fixed ferry routes and quick load widgets.
  • Fixed reclaiming of live units sometimes reducing their health.
  • Improved minimap performance.
  • Fixed area reclaim sometimes issuing a unit target command.

Zero-K: Zero-K v1.7.3.1

In this update we’ve taken a look at the economy, with an eye to getting more players through the early game and into the midgame. Several problematic units have also been tweaked and there are some superweapon changes for large games FFA.

Economy Tweaks

Initial incomes are now higher, offset by lower starting resources.

  • Commander income +4 metal, +6 energy -> +8 metal and energy.
  • Start resources 400 -> 200.

The change in income and resources approximately corresponds to a free Solar and two Mexes. This change should smooth the start of the game by creating a slightly more economic default start and by making the loss of an early mex less devastating. Further effects, such as the efficacy of Ravens, will require community experimentation.

Constructors no longer generate trickles of resources.

  • Everything in the factory tab now has 0.5 metal and energy income (up from 0.3).
  • All other constructors (besides the Commander) no longer generate resources. Previously, small constructors generated 0.15 metal and energy.
  • Constructor costs have mostly been reduced by 4 per buildpower to offset the economic disruption. Each unit of buildpower used to generate 4 metal and energy every 2 minutes and 13 seconds.

Here is the full list of cost changes. Some buffs or nerfs have occurred relative to the rule of 4 cost per buildpower.

  • Caretaker 220 -> 180
  • Conch 180 -> 150
  • Conjuror 140 -> 120
  • Constable 130 -> 120 (a relative nerf of 6)
  • Convict 140 -> 120
  • Crane 220 -> 200 (a relative buff of 4)
  • Quill 150 -> 130
  • Mariner 220 -> 200 (a relative nerf of 10)
  • Mason 140 -> 120
  • Wasp 300 -> 260 (a relative buff of 10)
  • Weaver 200 -> 170
  • Welder 230 -> 200

The change addresses FFA Conch spam, makes losing an early constructors a bit less game-ending, and should make factories such as Spider, Amph and Tank a little less awkward.



  • Cloak drain 0.5 moving 0.1 static -> completely free.


  • Autorepair +20 after 10s -> +10 after 10s.


  • Autorepair +12 after 5s -> +10 after 10s.


  • Slowbeam damage 1500 -> 2000

Toad now has slightly better HP/cost than Gremlin, since it is slow and relatively short ranged.

  • Cost 550 -> 500
  • Health 1500 -> 2000

Hacksaw now reliably protects someone standing right next to it.

  • Range 430 -> 480
  • Projectile velocity 800 -> 600 (high velocity causes misses)
  • Projectile turn rate increased 22% (low turn rate also causes misses)
  • Burst delay 0.5s -> 0.2s.
  • LOS 500 -> 550


  • No longer occasionally fails to move close enough to its target.


  • Can now fire (and successfully hit) in every direction.
  • Missed torpedoes no longer fly across the map (also applies to underwater Scallops).

Tweaked the costs of some Striders and Superweapons.

  • Paladin 10.5K -> 10K
  • Detriment 24K -> 20K
  • Zenith 30K -> 32K
  • Disco Rave Party 32K -> 36K

Fixed Detriment overkill prevention, it now only applies to its missiles.


  • Added an option ‘Settings/HUD Panels/Command Panel/Selection Closes Tab’ which sets whether selecting a construction option closes the construction tab.
  • Made units easier to click on by enlarging their mouse raytrace hitboxes.
  • Drop detection no longer automatically pauses, because the pause detection behaviour was broken.
  • Fixed performance issue while not looking at the sharing/scoreboard panel. The performance issue that is caused by looking at the sharing/scoreboard panel remains.