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Zero-K: Zero-K v1.2.11.0 and Halloween Event

This release includes a lot of bugfixes and some changes to UI. Experience based morphs are removed, and several gameplay mechanics are made more consistent.

This night, dead shall walk again! Wreckage left unattended for too long will self-resurrect and become hostile to anyone around.

Removed XP morphs.
Bombers have to rearm before repair pads repair them.
Naked Recon Comm no longer transportable by Valkyrie
Inaccuracy no longer reduced by experience
Planet Wars structures no longer flatten ground on spawn
Stockpile and Morph obey slow and disarm
Experience gain simplified
Wrecks of jumping units now keep momentum and continue inertially
Default comm is Strike Trainer instead of Junior
Lamp will no longer be fired upon unless ordered to

Commander Autorepair module now works on out of combat regeneration (10s after last received damage), replacing the default out of combat regeneration

Time to wait for disconnected players: 75 s -> 150 s

Time before default comm spawns: 30 s -> 15 s

Land units speed loss with depth per height: 10% -> 7%
Grizzly: LoS 605 -> 660
Scalpel: LoS 484 -> 495
Radar: HP 81 -> 80
Sneaky Peet: HP 712 -> 700


Economy Panel is now the default resource bar.
Added Supreme Commander style camera to COFC. This is the default setup for COFC.
Added AZERTY layout option to KB Menu.
Added SI system option to Context Menu
Added victory counter
Added the option to set camera movement smoothness
Context Menu now shows Disarm, and AoE for crawling bombs
Economy Panel made larger and its text more readable
Fac Panel changed to be able to also show ally factory queues, and to show and modify construction order
Some old helptexts updated
Chat now shows cheating, desync, speed change and resign
Widgets now have read access to more unit parameters
Polish helptext translation for campaign commanders
Russian translations added

Bug fixes

Long-burn Napalm increases the burn time correctly for High Caliber Napalm Artillery
Context Menu now shows EMP damage correctly, and no longer shows fake weapons
Unit Start State widget now able to set unit retreat state to “Off”
DRP napalm and Pyro death now apply afterburn correctly
Fix one enemy color looking green
Sharing cloaked units now changes the cloak effect colour
Context Menu now shows Archer damage properly
Venom EMP obeys armor. Obedience is the correct behaviour.
Support Commander levels 2/3/4 now show the correct BP in tooltip
Placeholder no longer has instant self-destruction
Disarmed mexes now animate properly
Air transports will now unload Skuttle and Tick correctly
Grizzly no longer crashes when inserting its weapon into enemy hitbox
Lightning visual effect now lasts correctly with newest engine
Units will now fire at Stardusts placed on cliffs correctly.
Air pads no longer drain energy when disabled
Crude Player List now handles duels on FFA maps properly
Fixed wrong EMP-to-Disarm damage conversion