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Zero-K: New Rating System

We have recently switched to a new rating system. Elo is being replaced by Whole history rating. Although generally very similar to the old ratings, this means that rating values have changed for every player. Here are the most important things to know about the new system:

Core concepts that remained the same

  • Winning increases your rating, losing decreases your rating.
  • Defeating a higher rated player counts more than defeating a lower rated player.
  • Chance of victory is derived directly from the difference in rating between two players.
  • Rating decreases during periods of inactivity but is fully restored after playing a few games.

Main differences to the old system

  • The rating reacts faster to skill changes, especially noticeable for newer and casual players.
  • Instead of a single rating, the entire history of each player is memorized.
  • There are small daily rating adjustments. These are independent of activity and serve to optimize the rating’s accuracy based on past games.

Why change a working system?

  • Lessen the impact of smurfs due to much faster rating adjustments even for old accounts.
  • More accurate and stable ladders that are less susceptible to the outcome of single games.
  • The new system is a base for additional statistics that weren’t possible before.

This is just a very basic summary. If you want to learn more I suggest you check out the related forum thread or the original publication.


Zero-K: Campaign Week 8 – Spiders, Ships (and a Tournament)

This week’s campaign missions are another two-for-one, unlocking units with two unusual movement types: spiders and ships. These factories are a bit unorthodox and allow for new strategies. As usual, post feedback for these missions in the feedback thread:

Experience-per-level has been re-scaled to lower the maximum level and give players more time around level four. There are also other fixes, including a fix for losing when a resurrected commander dies.

In other news, a tournament is being arranged for next weekend. See this thread for more details:


Zero-K: Campaign Week 5 – Hovercraft and Amphibious Bots

This week of the campaign is a two-for-one combo with the release of missions for two factories. These missions show various aspected on mixed land/sea combat with hovercraft and amphibious bots. Tell us what you think in the feedback thread:

Zero-K is doing well on, we were entered into the featured list and are doing well in popularity. We are still low on ratings so get an account and rate our page at if you have not yet done so.

Shield visuals have finally been rewritten in LUPS. These shields have a much lower performance drain and, while they may look a bit basic looking at the moment, the change will allow us to further improve their visuals in the future.


Dominatrices now inflict 95% capture progress on their subordinates when they die, making the newly freed units easy to recapture by any surviving Dominatrix.

Tweaked Racketeer missile physics to make it take about 10% longer to hit its target. This is intended to make Racketeer less effective at nullifying bombers.

Centralized commander shield positions. Convict and Thug shields are 18 elmos higher.
Structures can no longer teleport (nobody noticed that they could).


Zero-K: Zero-K release

The release push is complete. Thanks to everyone who contributed, commented or configured the page. Here is the link:

How does this affect those here? Many reading this already have Zero-K. Well, is potentially a way to gain players but it takes a little interaction on our part. If people could

  • Rate or review our itch page,
  • Refer friends/strangers via our itch page,
  • Generally be whatever a “Mobilized Fanbase” is,
  • then we should climb in the itch rankings and be seen by many more people. You need itch to rate or review but it seems worth getting in any case, it’s like a game jam that never stops giving.


EvoRTS: Changes, Improvements, New stuff…

It’s been a long time since we’ve made an update announcement. Many things have changed since then, and a lot of improvements have been made. We are continually working to make the game better.

I’m Damgam, new News Contributor and veteran player of Evolution RTS. I’ll try to make update announcements more often from now on.

For those who haven’t played the game for awhile, I’m leaving a short changelog below. Scroll down for more details

  • ShardAI Update
  • Control Points mode is now disabled
  • Huge Tech 3 rebalance
  • Unit Upgrade System
  • Music switched back to original soundtrack
  • Graphic Improvements
  • Interface Improvements
  • Sound Improvements
  • Moved to Spring Engine 104.0

Shard AI Update

ShardAI, that is our Skirmish AI that allows you to enjoy the game even if there is nobody to play with, received huge improvements… Well, to be fair, it wasn’t really working properly previously. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

ShardAI tries to play as human-like as possible, but unfortunately it needs some cheats to work. It will be continually worked upon and improved.

Control Points

This Gamemode, mostly known from FPS games, had its time in Evolution RTS. It has been removed for several reasons. New players occasionally had trouble understanding the concept. While it did essentially put a timer on game length and result in some really close down to the finish-line games, that occurrence was only common at higher levels of play. In reality, generally casual players would either not recognize the significance of control points, or even outright ignore them, resulting in their score eventually hitting zero and everything exploding, leaving the player confused as to what was happening.

For these reasons, the gameplay has been revamped to suit a more traditional RTS style… Destroying everything in sight, without mercy or remorse.

Tech 3 Rebalance

Expensive and powerful beasts, that’s how you could describe current Tech 3 units and structures. Nuclear missiles create a Big Boom, Long Range Artillery makes a lesser Big Boom, and Tech 3 units can take many shots to the face… but those changes have to be balanced, right?

Nuclear Silo and Anti-Nuke shields are limited to 1 per player, so you can’t nuke spam your opponent.

Lobster (Long Range Artillery) eats 15 supply (yes, that’s a lot).

Tech 3 Units eat even more supply now, so you have to choose if you want one powerful unit or an army of Snakes. Additionally all Tech 3 stuff now costs a lot of metal, so losing them is painful. You had better assist them with some O.R.B.s 😉

Upgrade System

The new upgrade system allows you to improve unit stats for the cost of additional metal. Units are upgraded directly, and may be used while they are being upgraded. Factories and turrets have 3 upgrades, up to MK4. Metal Extractors can be upgraded to give you additional metal. These upgrades are independent of tech level. It is entirely possible (While not recommended) to have a Mark IV factory that is only capable of pushing out kites. Not such a great idea, but we’re not going to judge.


In the v10.00 release, Evolution RTS got a new soundtrack. Because of various reasons we had to switch it back to the original soundtrack. Enjoy! (Remember you can add your own soundtrack to ingame playlist, ask for details on our Discord)

Graphic Improvements

Deferred lighting gives you beautiful explosion, projectiles and lasers lighting that can be visible on units and ground.

Interface Improvements

The Settings menu has received many new options to adjust graphic details to your potato computers.

Unit Names and descriptions in the build menu have been moved from bottom to a little tooltip that appears near your cursor, making it easier to find what are you pointing at the moment. Pretty useful.

Sound Improvements

Some sounds have random pitch now, which makes them not sound the same all the time.

Positional audio has been enhanced. You’ll no more be confused while hearing distant shots that are as loud as shots near you.


(Remember that future plans can be changed at any moment)

  • New, much better lobby
  • Ingame Tutorial
  • Missions, maybe even campaign
  • Even more improvements to AI

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Zero-K: Campaign Week 4 – Rover, Faraday and Puppy

Campaign week 4 is underway with four Rover missions and two bonus missions, bringing the total mission count to 22. We have also been tweaking previous missions based on feedback. As always, be sure to post feedback on the new missions here:

Alongside the mission releases is a new Zero-K version, with the most notable change being new models Rover and Tank factories. With this change all factories are now impossible to block with a single poorly placed structure or piece of terrain.

The menu has also received a much-needed rework of its download UI and the backend has been switched to wrapper-based downloads, which should fix server and corruption issues.

Ingame Interface

  • Added team mode for simple teamcolours, defaults to automatically enable in missions and free-for-all. When enabled, it makes all enemies on the same team share the same colour. Will be useful in team FFA.
  • Default hotkeys for hide interface and hide healthbars are now more obscure, for safety. The new hotkeys are Ctrl+F5 and Ctrl+F9 respectively.
  • Improved context-sensitive commands for constructors. Right clicking on an enemy will issue a move command, not a reclaim command. Right clicking on a damaged friendly constructor or factory will issue a guard command, not a repair command.
  • Factories now default to selection rank 2.
  • Fixed Strider Hub and Airpad selection rank.
  • Added zoom in/out to misc hotkeys menu (for the default camera).
  • Added hotkeys for Newton firezone settings.
  • Disable automatic commander selection at the start of campaign battles.
  • Made Gunship Plant easier to select.


In addition to the six new missions there have been tweaks and fixes based on previous weeks feedback:

  • Added the Stats tab to campaign options which contains some information about your progress. Restarting the campaign may be required to make these stats completely correct.
  • Reworked the layout of the planet invasion screen to make it fit on small monitors. Also added font size scaling.
  • Made the Sling missions easier on non-brutal difficulties to better match the difficulty of nearby missions.
  • Felon, Rackteer and Snitch missions are easier on easier difficulties. This is mostly achieved by giving the player more base defense and the enemies less early economy.
  • Fixed the Snitch mission win condition.
  • Fixed zoom to commander detection in Mission 0.
  • Removed the link between the Stinger and Rogue missions.

Other Menu Changes

  • Added the eight maps required to instantly start playing singleplayer to the initial wrapper download.
  • Rewrote the download tab UI. It looks much more reasonable and now supports actions such as canceling and reordering downloads.
  • Replaced the download backend with a wrapper-based system. The new backend is strict about avoiding partial or corrupt downloads. It is also not dependent on the uptime of any one mirror.
  • Removed the erroneous automatic download of several maps which are used for hidden missions.
  • Updated Brutal circuit.
  • Hide the Developer area of the Settings menu unless devmode.txt is placed in the root directory.


  • Fixed units getting stuck when inside a resurrected wreck.
  • Fixed COFC not zooming to startbox on commander selection.
  • Fixed broken rendering of certain units nanoframes.
  • Updated LoS loadscreen.
  • Fixed a command menu crash.
  • Added a more interesting Scorpion wreck.
  • Fixed Dominatrix <-> defense ranges interaction.

Zero-K: Campaign Week 3 – Shieldbots and Zero-K v1.5.11.1

This week we explore the Shieldbot region of the galaxy, with five shieldbot missions and a bonus mission. We have also released a Zero-K update, as well as some fixes and tweaks to the mission from week 2. Make sure to post feedback as these mission tweaks would not have occurred without it.

Post feedback here:



  • ‘Buffed’ by raising its aim point by 10 elmos. Now it aims from the extended position of its missile launcher. It is technically now able to shoot over allies, wrecks and reclaims in more situations.
  • Fixed ‘The Slasher Bug’ (in the engine, applies when the engine is updated in the next few days). This also affects other units on Attack Move.

Hovercraft footprints:

  • Dagger now pathfinds like a 2×2 unit (previously it thought it was 3×3).
  • Increased the footprints of Lance and Mace from 3×3 to 4×4. Might reduce Lance teamkill
  • Extended the Hovercraft factory to fix factory blocking, similarly to Shieldbot and Cloakbot factory.


  • Added Impulse Mode preset to Settings/Hotkeys/Commands.
  • Added an option to filter out ally commands in show all commands.
  • Improved manual fire tooltip.
  • Improved state toggle consistency. All grey icons now use the same grey.
  • Fixed Shogun wake.
  • Added a drone construction toggle state.
  • Improved retreat state tooltip.



  • Fixed Avalanche version on the Gremlin mission.
  • Adjusted the Phantom mission. The enemies now make Thug and Felon to encourage Phantom use. Added some terraforming to fix the maps poor pathfinding.
  • Added enemies that drop in midway through the Stinger/Stardust mission to increase the challenge later into the mission.
  • Made the Knight/Windgen mission more difficult on harder difficulty levels.


  • Hide chat box until it is first opened.
  • Fixed a case where the commander tab could fail to highlight.

Zero-K: Campaign Week 2 – Advanced Cloaky

For this week of campaign missions we are rounding out the Cloaky Factory. These missions continue to teach unit roles and also show off some of the infiltration capabilities available to the factory. They are a bit tougher than the previous missions, especially on Brutal. In a related note: the Brutal Enemy AI has received a general update.

Post feedback here: