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Zero-K: Zero-K v1.5.5.0

The largest change in this version is internal: most of the internal filenames for units have been renamed. The files now follow a sensible system which will make them more approachable for developers. Anyone with local widgets or a non-Circuit AI will need to look at updating their code or configuration. MYrankAdminKingRaptor has written a tool for this task so talk to them if the task is large.

Another large bit of hidden work is ongoing work on the singleplayer campaign. Most of the work remaining is scenario design and implementation. We’re not running with fully general missions so this work is much less daunting that the story campaign attempt. Missions are created with a reasonably short configuration file, part of the purpose of the internal renames was to make this task easier.

We have also been following engine development fairly closely and collecting bug reports. Bug reports have definitely decreased over the collection period and we appreciate the patience of the community for the few spikes that occurred.


Speed nerfs:

  • Firewalker 2.1 -> 1.45
  • Penetrator 2.4 -> 2.2

These changes seem opposed to Quants Rule since both of these units are fast for artillery. However, artillery should be slow in order to make positioning important, especially if the artillery is good against units. The Firewalker change seems particularly extreme but I think the high speed is an oversight from when the unit was otherwise hopeless. I decided that it should be noticeably slower than Recluse, with 1.6 speed, so that the owner of the Firewalker has to really think about risk and positioning. Also, USrankFealthas said that speed would have little effect and I took it as as a challenge.


  • Fixed some ugly main menu spacing.
  • Made build tab hotkeys work while Shift and Alt held. Ctrl is blocked by default to preserve global selection hotkeys. This is a change to defaults so existing players will need to modify or delete their hotkeys file to apply it.
  • Added a toggle for Gesture Menu in the settings so it is easy to enable. Fixed a bug with right-click opening.
  • Added human readable names for the “set particular state” hotkey buttons.
  • Improved COFC rotation/zoom smoothness and configuration.
  • Fixed missing Smoothscroll for existing players.

Previous versions

Here are some changes since the last release notes. These changes were live for at least three weeks.

Unit Movement

Units now move in a straight line if there is a direct, unimpeded (not counting mobiles), path to their goal. This makes them much nicer to control within battles as it removes the old issues of over-steer and zigzagging. Units can even be a bit more efficient moving over long distances.

Unfortunately this only applies to move commands. Ideally this would be seen as a prototype for an engine change that would apply it to all forms of movement. For widget and AI writers, this movement is implemented with a new move command so you may want to change any instances of movement to use the new command.


Fixed some target priority issues. This is mainly a Racketeer buff:

  • The target priority gadget now returns MAXIMUM PRIORITY for the target of the set target command. This is something that was worth doing ages ago.
  • All units with overkill prevention now slightly prioritize the last target that they shot at. This means that if you run 10 Glaives at 10 Racketeers they will all be disarmed forever. Previously the Racketeers would all stare intently at the Glaive with the slightly shorter disarm timer and get caught out by the Glaive with the second or third shortest disarm timer.

Other changes:

  • Slow damage no longer damages wrecks. The main effect is that Outlaw is much worse at clearing wreck fields. It has a small amount of normal damage so its wreck clearing ability is not entirely gone.
  • Increased Sniper footprint from 2×2 -> 3×3 to reduce teamkill.
  • Added a wreck for Caretaker and Strider Hub.


  • Unbound /track.
  • Response noises play for more commands.
  • Update unit states when switching spectator. For selection rank.
  • Added a ‘D’ ability to Thunderbird which causes it to instantly start its run.
  • Added selection rank to New Unit States.
  • Transport load double tap now works on constructor commands.
  • Added an option to only use selection filtering when Alt is held.


  • Fixed LUPS LOD. Now many effects such as (cloaking and thrusters) are not drawn for unit icons. This will improve performance.
  • Made DDM guns not get stuck in each other.
  • Fixed jumpjet on morph+reload bug.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Thunderbird to make double length runs.
  • Fixed Warrior burst when slowed.
  • On flacplop the ground is now instantly flattened. This fixes the bug where commanders would linger after plopping their factories on uneven terrain.
  • Increased HLT and LLT overshoot command blocking range.
  • Fixed transport AI failing to transport auto transported constructors for the last mex of an area mex command.
  • Fixed Rogue overkill prevention for its damage buff.
  • Fixed selection rank of commanders not being maintained through morph.
  • Fixed constructor transport AI not being maintained through morph.
  • Fixed commander selection rank defaults in widgets not matching New Unit States defaults.

Zero-K: 1v1 Tournament May 20th 2017

The time has come for a 1v1 tournament. AUrankAquanim is coordinating this tournament – direct any questions/requests there.

The tournament is planned to take place at 10AM UTC, Saturday 20th May. Registration will be open up until 1 hour before the start time of the tournament.
Sign up and see more details in the thread!


Official: [website] cracked

Today someone used CVE-2017-7615 (which isn’t even public yet) to reset the password of two users on the manits bugtracker. Sadly one account had admin rights and the user was used to delete the project “spring” in the mantis bugtracker. The db backup run 4 hours ago, so all input from ~6am to 10am is lost, which shouldn’t be this much.

Very likely more attachments are lost as the backup for them run ~24 hours ago, i’m recovering these currently.

Atm it looks like no passwords were stolen, just two accounts were reset:
I can only advice to change passwords at mantis and to not use the same password for multiple things!


EvoRTS: New Unit, Texture Updates/Upgrades, Unit Icon Updates, Heat-mapping, Bug Fixes, Changelog!

A base screenshot, depicting several economy structures protected by shields and a B.O.X.

Hello there, I’m back and here to give present to you the new Evolution RTS changelog for February and March!

Major Changelog Notes:

Alright, the first order of business is the new unit! This unit is named B.O.X. It will go around collecting energy cores and turn them into MidKnights! The builders will no longer turn energy cores into MidKnights but will instead turn them into metal.

The B.O.X.

Metal Extractors have been added back into the game (as an option, disabled by default)! They have been given a new texture and in my opinion, I think they look better than before!

All units have been given a major texture upgrade and they all look much cleaner and better made.

The GUI has been cleaned up and looks nicer now. For example: Buildings will now turn red when trying to build in control points. Armour and damage types are now easier to identify while zoomed out.

Heat mapping for unit pathfinding has been added to the game for better and more efficient unit movement (but YMMV at times).

There is a new energy to fire formula for units and buildings. Range will determine how much energy the shot takes.

Commanders have received some minor changes regarding the factory, builder, and cloak commanders.

All-Terrain engineer has been removed from the All-terrain factory and added to the Overseer build list. The All-Terrain engineer has also been made amphibious. Overseer can be rebuilt if it is destroyed (it’s not cheap). Factories can no longer build engineers.

New shield effect results in less performance usage (pictured below)!

Several Kmars protecting 2 Lightning Rods.

Minor Changelog Notes:

  • Lua-mex is automatically disabled in games. Must be enabled in multiplayer server options
  • Metal extractors drain 2.5 energy per second.
  • Bomber range increased slightly
  • Factory Overseer able to build upgraded factories
  • Increased builder overseer power to 3x
  • Increased cloak overseer cloak and jamming range to 800

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Zero-K: Zero-K v1.5.4.11 – Empire Wins Planetwars

A few days ago, Empire won the latest round of Planetwars with a deep strike to capture Sparta, the Federation homeworld. Throne was lost in the process (due to a malfunctioning warp jammer) but after a developer discussion we decided to continue the round with the surprising (to some) rule that homeworlds can be exploded. We aim to fix the bugs and balance issues found in this round and run further planetwars until we can support lengthy galaxy-wide wars. We should mostly be simplifying and polishing current mechanics instead of adding any new big things to planetwars.

Feedback is welcome.


  • Disarm now interrupts bursts (in the same way that EMP does). For example a Catapult can start firing, get disarmed and finish firing when the disarm wears off.
  • Djinn obeys disarm.
  • Commander area jammer and area cloaker modules now drain energy. Not draining energy was a bug.


Added selection filtering, as requested here:

  • All units have a Selection Rank state toggle that ranges from 0 to 3.
  • Structures have rank 1, constructors have rank 2, and combat units (commanders included) have rank 3.
  • When selecting multiple units the units without the greatest rank in the selection are filtered out.
  • Hold Shift to ignore rank and create selections of mixed rank.
  • Hold Ctrl to ignore rank above a certain (configurable) threshold. The default ignores rank differences above 1, this means that Ctrl+A will select all units with rank at least 1.
  • Selection Rank is a state toggle so you can configure your unit defaults in ‘Game/New Unit States’, just like any other state toggle.
  • If you don’t want selection filtering then disable it in ‘Settings/Interface/Selection’.

Hotkeys for setting a particular unit state are now configurable in the ‘Game/Command Hotkeys’ menu. Previously the only state hotkeys available through this menu would toggle the state. With these new commands you could, for example, bind a key to set your units to hold fire by binding “Fire State: 0”.

Improved the state toggle icon for overkill prevention.


  • Fixed to White Dragon behavior.
  • Removed Spidermonkey weapon lighting and reduced impulse.
  • Tweaked some timing values. Lategame chickens occur slightly earlier and small chickens become obsolete sooner.
  • Added savegame support for chickens.


  • Fixed command hotkey visualization for de-disabled commands during tutorials.
  • Fixed night view in missions.
  • Fixed Hacksaw description.
  • Fixed unit AI command for non-transports.
  • Fixed some shader errors on strict drivers.
  • Fixed slow mex glow update when overdrive changes.
  • Fixed Convict animation.

Zero-K: Zero-K v1.5.4.4 – Balance Tweaks

The main part of this release is a stack of balance tweaks that have been floating around the forum and/or my head. Hover has a few nerfs while some more maligned units were buffed to try to bring them up to a decent strength. Dagger has a damage reduction and the effect on shots-to-kill can be seen in the above image.

There are also a few fixes, mostly related to Planetwars.



  • Reload time 2.3 -> 2.15


  • Health 1200 -> 1400

For a tank, 1200 health at 550 metal is very squishy.


  • Damage 110.1 -> 100.1.

Most raiders have particular amounts of health to leave them unaffected by this change. The exceptions are Scorcher, Pyo, Panther and Kodachi which each take an extra shot to kill. See the release picture for the changes in the number of shots to kill each unit. This is a very Quants Rule change and probably the most extreme before less polarizing changes would be required.


  • Cost 40 -> 35


  • Health 1300 -> 950 (it costs 300 compared to Copperhead 550)
  • Reload time 5.0 -> 5.2

Flail has theoretically poor stats compared to most other AA but they hit a sweet spot and result in a powerful unit. Hence the fairly generic nerf.


  • Speed 4.0 -> 3.9 (was 3.8)

The speed buff may have been too much.


  • Range 420 -> 430
  • Missile maneuverability increased by 28%
  • Missile speed reduced by 5%.
  • Burst gap 0.7s -> 0.55s

It is hard to test whether Raven can dodge Hacksaw but increased maneuverability and reduced speed should do the trick. A single Raven can still kill a Hacksaw but dies in the process.


  • Health 5000 -> 6000


  • Acceleration increased by 27%
  • Brake rate increased by 20%
  • Turn rate increased by 30%
  • Turret turn rate increased by 100%
  • Range 345 -> 350

A few years ago we saw powerful Mace rush strategies with stats which resulted in nerfs which are now basically undone. The turret turn rate increase is a new change.


  • Gravity strength increased by 20%


  • Cost 380 -> 360 (was 350)

The recent cost increase may have been a bit extreme.


  • Removed slow upon unburrowing (20% speed for 0.6 seconds).


  • Damage 280 -> 350

This is a fairly crazy change intended to show us what happens if Rogue is powerful.


  • Turn rate reduced by 5%
  • Ranged 450 -> 440

Scalpel was a bit too powerful. This is a weird nerf that sidesteps the issue of nerfing something that it is notably good at. Range is a fairly important attribute.


  • Jump speed 5.2 -> 6.0

Most Skuttle usage should revolve around getting to the right location. Slow flight time lead to a bit too much randomness in movement prediction and target acquisition times for units such as Defender.


  • Gravity strength increased by 20%


  • Explosion speed increased by about 200%
  • Edge effectiveness 0 -> 0.4
  • Removed slow upon unburrowing (20% speed for 0.6 seconds).
  • Damage 2000 -> 2500

Planetwars Mechanics

Changed the length of each phase:

  • Pick a planet to attack 30 minutes -> 20 minutes.
  • Defend your planet 10 minutes -> 5 minutes.

These changes are required to counteract the downtime caused by the extra faction.

Visuals and Interface

  • Added a shiny new Spectre weapon impact effect that indicates the approximate direction that the shot came from.
  • Added a battle information panel to remind players of the context of the planetwars battle that they are fighting.
  • Added buttons to the global commands bar for toggling the structure/evacuation panel, the battle information panel and the attrition tracker panel (if the widget is enabled).


  • Removed orbital drop commander, all commanders now spawn at the start of the game. This fixes a bug where late joiners would not receive their double commander.
  • Fixed mapborder Z-fighting with startboxes.
  • Fixed planetwars structure ownership not taking planetwars rank into account. Now, for example, the Emperor will always control the structures in the battle unless the owner of the structure is present. This holds for all relations through the command structure of each faction.
  • Added a minimap brightness override for Obsidian and Onyx Cauldron.
  • Fixed missing planetwars structures on certain maps.

Zero-K: PlanetWars starts!

Dynasty, Empire and Federation – pick your side, join the faction and together, conquer the galaxy!

To play you need to be level 5 or higher.

To join a faction and play planetwars, please use the Chobby (default client for Zero-K).

PlanetWars wiki is here


Zero-K: Zero-K v1.5.4.0 – Planetwars Preparation

Planetwars is all set to start on Friday at 17:00 UTC. This new round introduces three factions and some tweaks to design and balance since last round. Structures do more ingame and metagame balance has received some tweaking. The aim is to support a prolonged, multi-front, war with wrestling over victory points generated by artifacts.

Peruse the galaxy map and join a faction:

Keep track of the time with this countdown timer:

Main Planetwars Changes

  • Artifacts victory works on victor point production. Capture and power artifacts to accrue points.
  • Each faction has a well defended homeworld. Capturing an enemy homeworld is an alternate path to victory.
  • Battles near your homeworld produce slightly more battle. If you fight disconnected from your homeworld the battles will produce much less metal.
  • Warp Core Fabricators is replaced with single use Warp Gate structure.
  • Structures have more ingame effects: factories produce a few units, defense structures spawn drones, energy generators produce a little energy.
  • Structures can be evacuated if you have a functional wormhole. Losing a defense no longer means all your structures will be disabled.
  • Structures now have death clones which can be reclaimed for a reasonable amount of metal.


  • Sniper shot finder widget no longer works. A good visualization design for Snipers is pending.
  • Added a proper icon for the overkill prevention unit state.
  • Fixed some tab playerlist glitches.
  • Added option to not show FacPanel selected factory build panel.
  • Added Blastwing as an exception to the cloak firestate widget.
  • Attrition counter is no longer minimizable (removes the ugly minimization bar).
  • Added game-wide colour blindness correction shaders, configurable through ‘Settings/Graphics/Accessibility/Color Blindness Correction’.
  • Added multiple team colour selection settings to a dropdown menu on the bar in the top left.
  • Standard embark command now works for Jump, Guard, Reclaim, Repair, Resurrect and Construction.
  • Embark command now works automatically for constructors. Constructors with auto-transport are now automatically transported between their tasks. Good for taking mexes over a large area.
  • Selection window groups unit types together when in unstacked mode.


  • Blocked attack commands near Defender, LLT and HLT maximum range to prevent most cases of manual attack ground overshoot.
  • Hawks reduce their engine thrust when slowed.
  • Fixed construction priority issue with calculating energy used for overdrive when low on energy.
  • Fixed a chicken spawn error.
  • Scorpion death clone blocks unit movement.
  • Redudant unitdef tag cleanup.
  • Fixed Barren mex config.
  • Fixed Rogue failing to skirmish Scalpel.
  • Death clone -> Debris should now be consistent for all units. Some units had two levels of death clone for legacy reasons.