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Zero-K: Zero-K v1.5.6.0 Expensive Defender Week(end?)

Many people are concerned by Defender so here is a test with a Defender that cost 120 metal, up from 80 metal (the image above is a tiny bit exaggerated). Is it still useful? What does the game look like? Play to find out.

Mostly we are working on fixes and polish. In particular, the settings menu is in the process of becoming much friendlier. USrankCrazyEddie has embarked upon the task of improving the statistics graph and now it can be shown in the middle of the game with Alt+F1.


  • Fixed Scorcher suicidal behaviour.
  • Remove flamer/gauss bonus damage vs features.
  • Lightning weapons with a normal damage component now deals the correct damage to wrecks (previously it dealt no damage).

Chicken Fixes

  • Improved Tiamat, White Dragon and grounded Queen behaviour.
  • Fixed many projectile lights.
  • Roc/queen flying animations make more sense.
  • Speed up Wurm movement animation


Endgame graphs:

  • Endgame graphs can now be disabled during the game with the hotkey Alt+F1.
  • Fixed multiple endgame graph bugs and polish issues.
  • Remove Units Built/Killed/Lost

Time, death, squad and gather wait are now bindable through the hotkeys menu. These are commands that behave similarly to the normal wait command but which will remove themselves when certain conditions are met.

  • Time wait is removed after a set amount of time.
  • Death wait is removed if all the targeted units are dead.
  • Squad wait is removed once enough units with squad wait reach the waypoint, so a factory can be queued to send squads of 4 units.
  • Gather wait is perhaps the most useful, it causes your units to wait until all the recipients of the command reach their waypoint.

Main menu settings are now much clearer.

  • Removed the Game submenu, the options from that menu are now mostly under Settings/Hotkeys and Settings/Unit Behaviour.
  • Replaced the advanced settings toggle on the menu window with a simple settings toggle, default enabled. This shows a significantly cut down menu which is to be populated with only the most generally relevant settings (still WIP).
  • Advanced mode can be enabled through Settings/Misc.
  • Applied some polish to the main menu in the form of spacing fixes and consistent button sizes. Also removed the “…” and the redundant tooltip from the submenu buttons.

Minor changes:

  • Factories default to selection rank 3.
  • Economy panel metal bar flash is now grey instead of red when full or near full.
  • Remove “Trainer” from trainer comm names


  • Fix Bantha missiles.
  • Fixed an idle builder selection bug.
  • Fixed an issue with issuing wait commands to moving units.
  • Chat backlog is no longer ignores the setting that determines whether it is open at the start of the game.
  • Fixed Panther death explosion.
  • Resurrected units with ‘inherit’ start states now inherit from the default of their usual factory instead of from the unit that resurrected them.
  • Fixed some command insert issues.
  • Skydust now terraforms at height zero. This allows structures to be queued for construction of cliffsides (but not yet with all Skydust methods).
  • Going AFK with AI allies no longer forfeits your income.
  • Fixed unit marker to use AI name.
  • Fixed a bug with setting resource reserve.
  • Fixed jumpjets for underground units.

Zero-K: Zero-K v1.5.5.0

The largest change in this version is internal: most of the internal filenames for units have been renamed. The files now follow a sensible system which will make them more approachable for developers. Anyone with local widgets or a non-Circuit AI will need to look at updating their code or configuration. MYrankAdminKingRaptor has written a tool for this task so talk to them if the task is large.

Another large bit of hidden work is ongoing work on the singleplayer campaign. Most of the work remaining is scenario design and implementation. We’re not running with fully general missions so this work is much less daunting that the story campaign attempt. Missions are created with a reasonably short configuration file, part of the purpose of the internal renames was to make this task easier.

We have also been following engine development fairly closely and collecting bug reports. Bug reports have definitely decreased over the collection period and we appreciate the patience of the community for the few spikes that occurred.


Speed nerfs:

  • Firewalker 2.1 -> 1.45
  • Penetrator 2.4 -> 2.2

These changes seem opposed to Quants Rule since both of these units are fast for artillery. However, artillery should be slow in order to make positioning important, especially if the artillery is good against units. The Firewalker change seems particularly extreme but I think the high speed is an oversight from when the unit was otherwise hopeless. I decided that it should be noticeably slower than Recluse, with 1.6 speed, so that the owner of the Firewalker has to really think about risk and positioning. Also, USrankFealthas said that speed would have little effect and I took it as as a challenge.


  • Fixed some ugly main menu spacing.
  • Made build tab hotkeys work while Shift and Alt held. Ctrl is blocked by default to preserve global selection hotkeys. This is a change to defaults so existing players will need to modify or delete their hotkeys file to apply it.
  • Added a toggle for Gesture Menu in the settings so it is easy to enable. Fixed a bug with right-click opening.
  • Added human readable names for the “set particular state” hotkey buttons.
  • Improved COFC rotation/zoom smoothness and configuration.
  • Fixed missing Smoothscroll for existing players.

Previous versions

Here are some changes since the last release notes. These changes were live for at least three weeks.

Unit Movement

Units now move in a straight line if there is a direct, unimpeded (not counting mobiles), path to their goal. This makes them much nicer to control within battles as it removes the old issues of over-steer and zigzagging. Units can even be a bit more efficient moving over long distances.

Unfortunately this only applies to move commands. Ideally this would be seen as a prototype for an engine change that would apply it to all forms of movement. For widget and AI writers, this movement is implemented with a new move command so you may want to change any instances of movement to use the new command.


Fixed some target priority issues. This is mainly a Racketeer buff:

  • The target priority gadget now returns MAXIMUM PRIORITY for the target of the set target command. This is something that was worth doing ages ago.
  • All units with overkill prevention now slightly prioritize the last target that they shot at. This means that if you run 10 Glaives at 10 Racketeers they will all be disarmed forever. Previously the Racketeers would all stare intently at the Glaive with the slightly shorter disarm timer and get caught out by the Glaive with the second or third shortest disarm timer.

Other changes:

  • Slow damage no longer damages wrecks. The main effect is that Outlaw is much worse at clearing wreck fields. It has a small amount of normal damage so its wreck clearing ability is not entirely gone.
  • Increased Sniper footprint from 2×2 -> 3×3 to reduce teamkill.
  • Added a wreck for Caretaker and Strider Hub.


  • Unbound /track.
  • Response noises play for more commands.
  • Update unit states when switching spectator. For selection rank.
  • Added a ‘D’ ability to Thunderbird which causes it to instantly start its run.
  • Added selection rank to New Unit States.
  • Transport load double tap now works on constructor commands.
  • Added an option to only use selection filtering when Alt is held.


  • Fixed LUPS LOD. Now many effects such as (cloaking and thrusters) are not drawn for unit icons. This will improve performance.
  • Made DDM guns not get stuck in each other.
  • Fixed jumpjet on morph+reload bug.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Thunderbird to make double length runs.
  • Fixed Warrior burst when slowed.
  • On flacplop the ground is now instantly flattened. This fixes the bug where commanders would linger after plopping their factories on uneven terrain.
  • Increased HLT and LLT overshoot command blocking range.
  • Fixed transport AI failing to transport auto transported constructors for the last mex of an area mex command.
  • Fixed Rogue overkill prevention for its damage buff.
  • Fixed selection rank of commanders not being maintained through morph.
  • Fixed constructor transport AI not being maintained through morph.
  • Fixed commander selection rank defaults in widgets not matching New Unit States defaults.