Official: Spring 101.0 Released

Hello springers, your favourite engine is here, and it’s better than ever!

Spring 101.0 brings us numerous features, fixes and performance improvements introduced in over 1200 commits since 100.0.

Most of the new features are described in this video created by gajop (thanks!).

We can also describe changes in words:

Lua Feature & Map shaders
It is now possible to set custom shaders for features and map drawing from lua.

Line of Sight refactor
Line of sight calculation performance was greatly improved allowing it to be smoothly updated every simulation frame.

Transports refactor
The hard-coded transport behaviour was tweaked to allow the attachment of any unit to any other unit from lua.

Internal pr-downloader support
An essential step towards in-game lobby, it already allows rapid tags to be used in game dependencies and in start scripts.

Thanks to everyone who helped testing, reporting and fixing !

The changelog contains more details .

Please test Spring 101.0 as it will be set as default version on lobby server in a week or so (exact time TBD) if no blocking bugs are found.

Most users won’t need a download link, as lobbies can download them automatically. For completeness:

Download Links

Note: Please report bugs to our bug-tracker. Thanks! vid.jpg

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