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Zero-K: Zero-K v1.7.5.0 – New unit: Sparrow

This version contains a few oblique plane nerfs and a simple Raven nerf. The biggest such ‘nerf’ is a new scout plane, the Sparrow, that can be morphed from a Radar Tower. This new scouting option loosens the Plane Factory’s monopoly on effective scouting.

In other news, Scalpel can now kill Mace in two shots and a few campaign missions have been improved.


Added Sparrow, a light scout plane that is morphable from a Radar Tower.

  • Cost 120. Note that it costs 65 when morphed from a Radar Tower.
  • Speed 225
  • Health 400
  • LOS 950

Raven is slightly more expensive

  • Cost 300 -> 320

Scalpel now kills Mace in two shots.

  • Damage 622 -> 660

Blastwing can see further

  • LOS 380 -> 450


  • Added an option to control when wreckages and rocks are highlighted. The options are always, when reclaiming, or when constructors are selected, which is the new default.
  • Improved some depth of field details.


  • Replaced planet Aspiris, the Tank Foundry mission, with a more interesting Tank Foundry mission.
  • Added Sparrow unlock to planet Cygnet, the Sling mission.
  • The patrolling units on Kirdipan, the terraform mission, no longer chase the players units.


  • Fixed some bugs with heathbar LODing.
  • Clamp instead of block off-map commands. These commands should not normally be issuable, but when they are issued it is good to give players feedback.
  • Fixed units set to guard shields or cloakers ignoring custom formation orders.
  • Fixed a performance issue with lobby UI scaling and fullscreen switching.

Official: Happy 14 years of Spring!

It is that time of the year again which is a good opportunity to thank the people of this community for their involvement whether by playing, testing, developing or contributing in any other way. You are the reason why this project is still live and kicking after so many years.

In the past year we’ve observed Zero-K’s successful launch on steam, two LD games (with another coming this weekend!) and ongoing work and releases by many of our games (BA, TechA, S44, Evo, MF to name a few).

On the engine front there were 1761 commits since 104.0, the GL4 migration is in an advanced state and save/load support is fully implemented.

Next year? It’s all up to you! We live in exciting times 🙂
Happy Birthday!


Zero-K: Zero-K v1.7.4.0 – Fixes and Outlaw Tweak

This version contains a few important fixes, compatibility for an upcoming engine update, and a reduction of the previous Outlaw buff.


  • Outlaw damage 35 -> 30 (was 20 previously) with the same scaling for slow damage (105 -> 90).
  • Paladin manual fire now fires 12 missiles (increased from 10) to match its model.
  • Raven thinks units are thinner than they are, causing it to dive lower and hit more consistently.
  • Welder defaults to hold position.


  • Fixed units failing to reveal themselves if they fire from behind terrain while inside an enemy units LOS range. This primarily makes buried defenses targetable.
  • Fixed units with attack orders not having their attack order overridden by some commands. This mostly affected issuing reclaim orders to fighting Welders.
  • Fixed a case of tactical AI not working for units on hold position.
  • Blocked the ability to give gunships orders off the edge of the map.
  • Zenith now gains XP and can shoot through allied shields.

Depth of Field Fixes

  • Fixed issue where the autofocus would incorrectly weaken when zooming in after a certain point.
  • Fixed colours blending to a mush (unfortunately this means some banding in dark regions, not sure how to fix without ruining the more pronounced circles).
  • Normalized depth calculations to Spring unit distances, so blur power is no longer map-dependent.
  • Fixed projectile lights rendering on top of DoF (this involved changing priority, and this seems like a blunter fix than necessary).
  • Expanded blur radius limits so near-to-camera objects blend more nicely.
  • Made the transition from in-focus to out-of-focus a bit smoother.

Zero-K: Matchmaker Maps Rotation

It’s been a few months since the last Matchmaker map pool rotation, so it’s time to remove some of the less-liked maps and give some new contributions and old classics their time in the sun.

Added to 1v1 and Teams pool:

Rogues River v1.2
Shifting Sands v1.5
Badlands 2.1

Added to 1v1 pool only:

Izki Channel v1.0

Removed from 1v1 and Teams pool:

Intersection v4.1
Living Lands 4.1

Removed from 1v1 pool, still in Teams pool:
Aurelian v1.0