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Zero-K: Benchmarking Required

It is nearing time to update the engine that runs Zero-K (the Spring Engine), but first we need to pin down the performance issues that affected many users when such an update was last attempted. To facilitate this we have created an easy to use automatic benchmarker. It currently contains benchmarks for our most pressing issue, but more are likely to be added in the future.
If you are the kind of person who does not use their computer while sleeping then consider running a benchmark and submitting the results to help us out.


Official: [game] [Metal Factions] v1.0 released!

Metal Factions is an evolving RTS game that started as yet another TA mod but since 2014 has been moving away from TA IP to a more original game with decent graphics and great gameplay.

Besides gameplay similarities with other TA-derived or Supreme Commander games, some of its major features are:
– FOUR factions with many dozens of unique units each: AVEN, GEAR, CLAW and SPHERE
– Commanders with several morph options to fit into different play styles and which can be easily revived
Upgrades that improve players’ units in different ways and allow players to optimize their strategies
– Its own AI, MFAI, with three difficulty levels. The “Brutal” mode should provide a challenge to even veteran RTS players!
– A dedicated 1v1 ladder

Check the website at


Zero-K: Zero-K v1.6.10.0 – Kodachi rework and miscellaneous buffs

It has been a few months, time for some balance changes. The largest change is a reworked Kodachi which is more focused on harassment and impinges less on the role of Blitz. Cyclops has been re-nerfed, and Emissary has had its stop-to-fire mechanic fixed and extended.

A miscellaneous assortment of lackluster units from other factories have received buffs, to compensate for all this attention on Tanks. On the more technical side of things, we have made changes to the handling of dropped players. As always, there are many minor bug fixes, and this time, two major ones relating to Puppy and Widow.



  • Health 750 -> 860
  • Speed 3.65 -> 4
  • Turn rate 750 -> 880
  • Autoheal 15 -> 12
  • Reload time 6s -> 4.2s
  • Main gun damage 150 -> 70
  • Afterburn time 5s -> 2s
  • Ground fire DPS 25 -> 36
  • Ground fire Duration 13.3s -> 16s
  • Range 225 -> 175
  • AoE 192 -> 216
  • Weapon velocity 700 -> 800
  • Weapon gravity 1.5 -> 0.1
  • Turret yaw rate 500 -> 900 rad/s
  • Turret pitch rate 150 -> 400 rad/2
  • Added overkill prevention of 125 damage.

This is a significant rework, and makes Kodachi one of the fastest raiders. Its increased speed and health is offset by its lower range and significantly reduced damage against fast targets, which is about only 130 against a moving raider. It still one-shots metal extractors, but not Lotus. Kodachi should now be much worse against raiders, but much more able to pick its battles.


  • Reverted to the slowbeam version
  • Main gun rotates at 2/3 speed
  • Slowbeam rotates at 1/2 speed
  • Weapon velocity 310 -> 270
  • Slowbeam damage 600 -> 1500
  • Slowbeam reload time 1s -> 2.5s
  • Speed 2.05 -> 1.9

The single-weapon Cyclops was insufficiently awesome. This is the previous Cyclops with a higher alpha slowbeam and worse movement and aiming speeds.


  • Cost 340 -> 320
  • Health 840 -> 1040
  • Range 660 -> 680
  • Flight time 4.5s -> 4s
  • Improved its ability to shoot up cliffs.

People are using Lobsters to attack from sea cliffs, but are they using Lobster enough?


  • Speed 6.5 -> 6.9
  • DPS increased 9.8%
  • Fire arc 135 -> 160 degrees

Locust generally feels terrible to use, because it has very little DPS and most AA has a lot of range. The increased speed should make it better at raiding, but even with increased DPS a single Locust still loses to a Lotus.

Other changes:

  • Emissary is supposed to not be able to move while firing, this has been fixed. When moving shortly after firing it takes a 75% speed penalty until its gun is stowed.
  • Sling cost 130 -> 110.
  • Likho rearm time 30s -> 20s.
  • Crab armour bonus 66% -> 75%. This is consistent with all other armoured units.
  • Artemis Health 1570 -> 3200.
  • Dominatrix no longer loses speed while turning.

Apart from the Emissary nerf, these are buffs to units which have felt lackluster for a while.

Minor changes:

  • Claymore projectiles no longer overshoots. This affects two cases; force fire, and cases in which the target dies before impact.
  • Gauss now floats when resurrected in the sea.
  • Nuke silos now prepare themselves for launch whenever at least one missile is stockpiled. This makes for greater responses, and allows opponents to scout whether a nuke is stocked.


  • Chickens now have sonar and can see underwater
  • Chickens no longer have speed penalties on sea
  • Melee chickens now move on the ocean floor.
  • Greater Spire is now even greater.
  • Added infinite mode as an Adv. Option. The queen never spawns and waves come forever.


  • Ripper, Ogre and Cyclops now ignore terrain when told to Force Fire the ground. This makes it easier to use their smoothing effects to level the ground.
  • Bound Missile Silo “Select Missiles” command to D.
  • Resign vote button is now only clickable by voting players.
  • Added an option to colour label text green in the chat console.
  • Recieving units from dropped or AFK allies is now opt-in. A window prompting players to take control of the units appears on the edge of the screen when required.
  • Put a bound on the size of the metal icons for ludicruisly high income metal spots.


Improved win by default (due to disconnection) system.

  • Consider players with a ping > 10 seconds as disconnected.
  • Pause the game when the entire enemy team disconnects.
  • Quit to menu no longer resigns.
  • Ensure that the Wait-or-Win window stays in front of the rest of the UI.

Other fixes:

  • Fixed short ranged weapons being unable to hit a few structures from certain angles. The notable case is Widow vs. Anti-nuke.
  • Fixed an exploit with Puppy that let it fire multiple times.
  • Fixed collision detection, units that collide with wrecks or other units now do a proper amount of damage. However, collision velocities are a bit jankier.
  • Fixed a terraform crash in large games.
  • Fixed a Djinn crash.
  • Fixed some shader errors.
  • Fixed a case in which economy panel could misattribute wasted resources while spectating.
  • Fixed a bug with key modifiers and selecting units in the Strider Hub.
  • Fixed a rare error with manual fire weapons.
  • Fixed some wonky interactions with selection modifiers for spectators when selecting units from multiple teams.
  • Fixed disruptor bomb friendly fire when the thrower dies before impact.
  • Fixed a rare shield error.
  • Fixed Swift blocking plane factories.
  • Fixed Mearth.
  • Fixed a legacy AI issue.

Zero-K: Client/server maintenance update 10 Oct 2018

We’ve applied some updates to the client and software server. This included an update to the Steamworks libraries, which may be followed by the Steam Overlay being restored in the near future.

Other fixes and new features:

  • Players can receive more than one extra commander if team player counts are sufficiently lopsided
  • Allow restricting rooms by rank
  • Unlocks page properly displays remaining donation (“kudos”) points
  • Fixed donor badges showing for some non-donors
  • Fixed campaign commander losing levels
  • Fixed Steam popup for non-Steam players sometimes being partly offscreen
  • Added/updated some help menu links
  • Don’t prompt for crash report after killing game’s process