SpringInfo is for the most part completely automated, and works off of RSS feeds. If you have a feed that can be pulled in feel free to fill out the form in the submit new feed page.

If your content is already being pulled in, claim ownership! Let me know and I’ll create an account for you and re-assign posts. This way you get your own archive and can edit the items as they’re pulled in.

If you’d like to contribute directly to SpringInfo and add new content here on the site, let me know! I’ll create an account for you and you can start making news posts soon after. Or use the form below.

Here at springinfo, things are auto categorised by game, and relevant people, and a lot of other data is set automatically too, such as post type ( image, video, etc ). Any help improving how this data is surfaced would be brilliant.

If you have a game or mod we’re not aware of, you can let us know here. OrĀ If you’ve got something you want to share, tell us here