Zero-K: PlanetWars 13 Begins Tomorrow

The Synthetic Pact has finally overcome the Dynasty of Man, and the human resistance has scattered. Reforging as the Sythetic Hegemony, they now seek to eradicate the last pockets of human resistance, who have rallied around the banner of Humanity Rising to fight this final struggle for the survival of biological humankind.

Rumor has it that the humans are dead. This is in fact not so! With the Synthetic Pact quickly catching on we have no other option but to announce PlantWars 13.

PlanetWars is planned to begin at 1pm UTC Tuesday 17th of September. That is approximately 21 hours from this news post. Use the intervening time to join a faction or clan and draft some strategy. Elections are open for the 3 leadership roles available to each faction.

This iteration on PlanetWars is more hardcore than previous versions. It involves organized 2v2 and 3v3 games fought to attack or defend a planet. Level 10 is required to join to prevent new players being thrown into the deep end (and smurfs). But to those who are not sure they are good enough at small teamgames; if you are willing to learn from members of your faction you will probably learn rapidly.

For a detailed look consult the recently updated manual.

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