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Hello again folks! Better late than never, here comes the news about the new BA version. It’s been another great week of interesting games in Balanced Annihilation. In the meantime we are dropping another small update, welcome to BA 10.04! The dev team lately has set its focus on increasing the performance of default and frequently used widgets and balancement of the unBA coms game mode.

Unbalanced Commanders

We have played some nice games lately with the mo_unba modoption enabled. It is an experimental game mode in which the Commander’s power scales up with its experience. This idea has been introduced to make commanders useful in all stages of the game. Normally, their use is relevant only in the early game and in late-game when defending the base from T3 units. Meanwhile, with mo_unba enabled, Commanders receive better weapons, armor and other small buffs during the play, therefore they prove useful in every stage of the game.

After testing this mode on a larger scale it turned out that the scaling factor is over the top. Some games ended with a well-microed commander simply walking from one corner of the map to another, at the end having the power of T3 gantry units. As a result of these tests little normalization has been introduced, see the changes here.

Quick update: Do not use mo_unba for now, we have overlooked a bug in it that crashes modules, breaking a lot of stuff. It’s been fixed already and will be stable in the upcomming release. If you want to play unBA Coms, use BA 10.03 version.

Performance increase and new options

Additionally, BA 10.04 brings significant increases in the performance of popular widgets, like Team Platters, selfD icons etc. These optimizations are quite substantial, because such widgets apply to all in-game units, hence their use of resources scales up with playtime quite quickly. What is more, you have now more customization powers with the newly introduced sliders and toggles.

Download BA 10.04

Important: BA 10.04 is intended to run on the newer version of the engine: 104.0.1-138-gf19449b maintenance

  • BA 10.04 attacking from the back
  • Liches formation
  • Ballanced Annihilation 10.04 All-terrain Mechs
  • Building Big Berthas in the DSD middle hill
  • Razorbacks defending the base in 10.04
  • Bombed Advanced Fusion

Balance changes:

  • Offshore Nano Platforms energy costs increased from 2000 to 2600e (arm and core).
  • Fixed BlackHydra flagship cost (M and E got swapped)

Unbalanced Commanders (when mo_unba is enabled):

  • Experience to power scale increased: Units will earn more exp from killing experienced units, and less exp from killing unexperienced units
  • HealthScale and ReloadScale increased: Units will earn more bonus HP and firerate from gaining experience
  • Commander power heavily increased: Commander will overall earn less experience from damaging/killing units
  • Commander experience from resourcing and moving increased: Gives more viability to commanders in base

Performance Increases:

  • Team Platters: 500%
  • Enemy Spotters: 25%
  • Health Bars: 25%
  • Top Bar: 50%
  • Self-D icons/Given unit icons: 2000%
  • Selected Unit Buttons: 150%
  • Other less noteworthy increases…

New options:

  • Health bars scaling slider
  • Team platter opacity slider + skip own units toggle
  • Selected units opacity slider + shader toggle


  • Fixed gadget profiler
  • Some new icons added:

Engineer icon
Sea Engineers icon
Hazardous Geothermal Powerplant icon

Full Changelog

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